Week 5: Evaluation on what we have done and what we will do next

In this week meeting we did discussed a lot of the things like what will be the plan for the future assignments about the class CS 401, presentation about the progress of setting up our cluster network, the way how to rate the Eucalyptus, to trying the EuTester software, and using new tool about team work.

First, thing we did had it was the discussion about what we had done as class and what we were doing next. Some of the things we have done so far are reading of the document for using Eucalyptus project, installing Eucalyptus and Euca2ools software’s on our Linux OS, signup Eucalyptus Community Cloud account, signup Eucalyptus Community account, building our internet cluster, and many more. After we went through what we have done so far our professor Dr. Karl R. Wurst started to talk about what were the next assignments for our class.

Some of the new assignments for the our class are Eucalyptus Testing which it is divided in many other assignments like  documentation on using Eucalyptus, documentation on using ECC, documentation on how to write code for the cloud, and bug tracker. Other assignments are FOSS Field Trip on Wiki, Eucalyptus install document, and Project Health Evaluation. The project health evaluation is that how to rate the Eucalyptus which we will learn for the ways and standards from “How to tell if a FLOSS project is doomed to FAIL” (http://theopensourceway.org/wiki/How_to_tell_if_a_FLOSS_project_is_doomed_to_FAIL). Also another assignment to do is that checking out EuTester which it is Automated Test Framework for Eucalyptus. We did divide in different groups and we did choice our own assignment on EuTester. My own group is EuTester bugging. The last assignment we did have is the planning for what we will do next.

While us working on all this big discussions our professor Dr. Wurst did introduced a new tool, the OpenPad and PiratePad which it is the same thing as OpenPad. This new tool it is great tool about team work. Whith this great tool everybody from the team can log in and ca write or delete from text on OpenPad at same time. We can see who team member did the change and also we can chat at same time with each other. We did work on PiratePad and OpenPad at same time we did the discussion. I like this new tool it is very helpful and for free.

From this class I did learn a lot. I did learn about how we can work as a team. Also, I did learn that time to time we should stop and to check on what we have done and on what we would do next which I believe that is the way how in the real life the companies are working.

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