Week 6: Updates on new assignments

This week mostly we did it was like little presentation from all the groups on the new assignment from week 5. My group has the EuTester bugging part. On EuTester we couldn’t find many of the information because it is new software. We can find the bug report for the EuTester on https://github.com/eucalyptus/eutester/issues. The total of the issues that are reported about EuTester on the Github are 12 in total. But not all of them are open issues. So 7 of the issues are close ones, but there still are 5 of the open issues. The last new issue was added to the open list on March 7, 2012 from Greg DeKoenigsberg it is about defending the licensing. Some of the open issues are 1- ) Creating a standard set of debug tools available when tests fail, 2- ) Creating a standardized Eutester log/output format, 3- ) Testing capability for Jenkins + EC2 Plugin, and 4- ) Goals, purpose, and guidelines for contribution which it is about the better documentation about EuTester. Other issues are the close issues and some of the closing issues are 1- ) connect to walrus should use s3_url, 2- ) README.md which is about the README fails to mention what the 5th column (REPO) in cloud.conf means, 3- ) get_emi() in eucaops selects de-registered image, 4- ) create_ssh does not pass correct key file name argument, and 3 more closed issues. This is not much information because the EuTester is not big project jet to get a lot of the contributors a round of it, but in the future it will be more information about the EuTester bug tracing system.

From this I did learn a lot about how to trace e bug for the EuTester and how to communicate with its contributors. This lesion will help me not only how to submit a bug on the EuTester project but it will help me in the future on every open source projects. It was very interesting research EuTester bug tracing project. I am watching the web page to see every day to see if any new bug is posted from the contributors.

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