Week 7: What licensing about our doc

On class this week we did had a guest from Open Source World and Eucalyptus. The guest was Mel Chua. This day we did talked about many issues. One of the issues it was hardware of our cluster. The team that is working of setting up our cluster had a big problem. The hardware that they where working was not the right hardware they could use. In class we did tried to look of all of kind of the Linux Operating Systems that which one could be very useful about installing Eucalyptus in it.  We did started to underline the options we did had like should we change the hardware or the operating system, and could our documentations be useful with the changes on hardware or operation system. In the end we did decide to use CentOS 5 and also to ask the IT department to support us with new hardware or order ne computer if it is necessary. Other issues where about Euca2ools docs where done or not, and other issues EuTester docs. About EuTester docs we did had issue like what license dose Euca use for docs for their own documentations and should we do the same way the documentations or we should choose different licensing.  Other issue we did discussed it was contributes license agreement. We did discuss all of this but we didn’t decided what kind of the licensing we could use for our documentations and for our contribution. After all this we talked about Github that we should be registered in order to get the Eutester code. I did register to Github. Also we did learned that the Eucalyptus people didn’t had the idea about our Wiki, our PiratePad(s) and our blogs so we did desired to let them know about our work we have done on this three developers tools. Later in class we did talked with Mel about different thing that we needed and for the issues we have noticed while working on this project. Mel did answered a lot of our question but there where some things which she couldn’t helped us for example why can we have access on all the previews and present documentations about the Eucalyptus and Eutester. We need these documentations to work, because based on those documentations we can save time insert repeating everything what Eucalyptus developers could have done before. I do hope that somebody from Eucalyptus could read this and understand that we are in this project to help.

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