Week 8: EuTester bug tracker

Like very other week this week the group that is working to installing our cluster did report about the progress of their work. Also other think we did this week in class e did discuss in class about group projects. My group project is the EuTester bug tracker. We did get together as group in class and we did discussed what we could about our project. We did spend a lot of time as group looking at the EuTester bug tracker to learn about the bugs that were found and were reported. Something it was interesting about the bugs that were issued were not code issue most of them were not code related, most of the issues were documentation relation. We did find in EuTester bug tracker 5 open issues and 11 closed issues. Other interesting thing is that in EuTester bug tracker are not many issues 16 in total. This made us to think that small number of the issues is because the EuTester software is new. If we try to track EuTester from the Stats & Graphs we will find that the first contribution is on Oct 30, 2011 from vic.iglesias who actually is the person in charge of this project. Some of the issues that are open at EuTester bug tracker:

#2 Goals, purpose, and guidelines for contribution

#5 Testing capability for Jenkins + EC2 Plugin

#9 Create a standardized Eutester log/output format

#10 Create a standard set of debug tools available when tests fail

#12 Define licensing

From this week I did learn that there is a lot of work to about this project. One of the issues we did face, as group is that we need to learn Python that it is the only programmed language at which EuTester is writing.

Reference: https://github.com/eucalyptus/eutester/issues

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