Week 9 : Code documentation on GitHub

This week we did talked about different things for example signup at GitHub and working on documentation for the coding on Eucalyptus project like Eucaops, Eucaweb, Eutester, and Testcases. The challenging thing about all these projects is that they all are writing in Python programming language, and will be very difficult for some people in class to help with documentation. I am one of those students that I never had a chance to learn Python until this semester. I feel it will be very interesting this project because I will have the chance to learn Python better.  I did start last week to take a look the basics of the Python programming. I thing that self-study on my own will help me on this project and in the future. I after I got signup on GitHub I did send my username to my instructor Mr.Wurst too give me the access to the contribution from our class that my instructor will collect every contribution from everybody to the code documentation and he will push to the people in charge of changing things. Also this week I did try to work on EuTester bug tracker but still I did face some issues. A first issue is that knowing the Python, which is from previews week. Second issue is that I am trying to install and run the EuTester but I am having problems. I am trying to run EuTester on Ubuntu 10.04 but I cannot run it. I have tried to different ways but the same problem.  Look like I will work all next week to try to put to work EuTester. I did try to look again on the EuTester bug tracker but if I could find the same issue from differed people but I could found nothing there. This is why I decided to bring up the close issues. At EuTester bug tracker are 11 closed issues which still are important to look at them because it gives to us the history were it was EuTester and where it is now.

#1 eutester should allow the opening of multiple ssh connections

#3 inclusion of test to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/eucalyptus/+bug/737335

#4 Goals, purpose, and guidelines for contribution

#6 create_ssh does not pass correct key file name argument

#7 get_emi() in eucaops selects de-registered image

#8 README.md

#11 connect to walrus should use s3_url

#13 Now using Euinstance in Eucaops

#14 Continuing integration of euinstance, removed some debug information

#15 Continue implementation of euservice class and machine class

#16 Comments from WSU CS 401

From all this work I did learn that how to connect with a master and how to edit and submit changes on GitHub. Also I did learn that the code of the EuTester my have some issues, which I don’t know because of the limitation I do have on Python language.

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