Week 10: Trying to run EuTester

This week I have tried to put to work EuTester. I have follow different ways how to make work the EuTester but no success toward this problem. I am trying to work with it because I need too for my work on EuTester bug tracker. I need to run a test for my self that to see how the EuTester is working so than I can understand more about bug issues the contributors are reporting. I did start to work on installation of euca2ools install with dependencies following the instructions found at blog of my classmate Dhimitraq (http://dhimitraq.wordpress.com/). Instructions are very clear and easy how to install euca2tools step by step. First I did install the newest boto, and after I did install newest M2Crypto. After installing boto and M2Crypto I did install euca2ools. It was very interesting work watching how smooth the installation when. My classmate Dhimitraq have done good job documenting the installation with so accuracy. The real problem came after when I did try to put to work the EuTester. But the problem came after when I did try to run the EuTester. When I did run the EuTester I did had this kind of error:


With the help of my teammate Michael Kenny, I did download the Paramiko. After I did install Paramiko, I did try to run again the EuTester but I did had error again. We did try together with Michael to fix this error but not any successes. After so many desperate tries with out triumph we had help from our classmate Dhimitraq. Our classmate Dhimitraq did try hard to run EuTester on my machine but we where unlucky. After so many tries Dhimitraq did give to us the access  to his account at our class cluster because the team that works on our class cluster has install all the tools for Eucalytus including Eutester.

After working so hard to run EuTester we came to conclusion that there may be a code problem on the EuTester. This problem may be new because the team that works on our class cluster had the opportunity to install on our cluster EuTester.  I do thank my classmate Dhimitraq for helping us on this issue. From this I did learn that the code not always works the same way as work in some other machines.

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