Week 11: Working on Eutester documentations

This week I did something different than before. I did start to work o documentation of EuTester code. We got the access to EuTester repository thru or instructor Mr. Wurst who is our master. The way in which we work on documentations is very simple.  We will submit every change to our instructor Mr. Wurst and he will push everything together like package to Vic Iglesias who is the person in charge of EuTester project. After Vic Iglesias will be the person who will review every change and decide which change will add to EuTester code. The decision was made this way because for many good reasons for example to keep track of the people that are working documentations and the track of their changes. I did start to look at EuTester code very carefully because I do not know Python. I tried to understand as much as I could from the code by using my previews experience that I have in other programming languages. At first time I didn’t even understand a thing, but more I was looking at code more I was beginning to understand something about EuTester code.  In beginning I started to make some small changes to see how Github works. Then later I made some more changes and I did pushed to my professor. And so on I try to contribute more in EuTester documents by entering in Github and spending more time reading the code of EuTester. More and more code I am reading more it helps me to understand more, though I do not understand Python.

Working with EuTester document I felt very fortunate. I liked to work with codes. From this work I did learned many things, for example how to make codes documents for the real life work.  I did learn that how to work in codes and repositories on Github. While working on documentations at Github, I did have that feeling as if I was working on real company. I will continue to work on documents of EuTesters and at the same time I will research other repositories on Github to contribute and learn at the same time.

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