Week 12: Watching the EuTester bug tracker

This week I thought to get deeper on EuTester bug tracker. There have being some new issues added to the EuTester bug tracker, and I did spend some times looking at all the issues that are there. In software industry it is very important to learn to understand how bug tracer issues works because it is very important tool for a program developer.  According to the EuTester bug tracker about one of the issues that is opened since three days ago, it is about adding changes, which are requested from Code Review Session in EuTester meeting. Some of the requesters are:

  • Get rid of self.options; use options throughout script, and to get rid of while loop grabbing creds
  • Git rid of if statements for checking config_file or credpath; eutester takes care of that, and get logs if only debug flag is passed
  • Add everything that i make a global variable to self, and keep options for a cloud admin, not cloud user
  • Make sure command runs on the CC, and get rid of line 101 and 102 (removed None assignments)
  • Don’t wait on instance to run; get rid of line 119, and get rid of grabbing uname -a
  • Maintain list of reservations, and only print result if there is an error – get rid of else; use tester.critical instead of print

From this issue looks like the EuTester will be having some big changes on it code and on it output of the results. From my experience is that if they do try to change the code to make the software to performer well the chances are the software may preform better but there will be new bugs. This will be reflected at EuTester bug tracker.

According to EuTester bug tracker there is one new issue that it is about run_instance that should still provide a euinstance regardless of reachability. This issue is very new about one day old. When run_instance is called in Eucaops it chooses to convert the boto instances to euinstances only if the instance is reachable. Instead it should always return the euinstance and just not pass keys to the Euinstance constructor which will ensure that the euinstance will not try to create an SSH connection.

From all this experience I did learn a lot. I did learn that there never would be any software without bugs. I did learn that is when we change the code there will be new issues, and because of this what it is very important for me is to understand about bugs and how to fix the bugs or the issues in real world. So to learn and have more experience it is the best for me to continue working on an Open Source Project.

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