Week 13: Finally I did install EuTester

After so many unsuccessful tries to install EuTester on same operating system but on two different kind versions “Ubuntu 10.04” and “Ubuntu 11.10”. At one point I did think that might be some kind of issue from an update of the EuTester code. I did think this way because some of my classmates had EuTester installed at their OS before me. I did start to read Eucalyptus forums to find out why I could not install EuTester. I did tried different way to install EuTester but still I had problems. I tried to install EuTester on different versions of Ubuntu but still I didn’t have any luck. I did have problems while I was installing M2Crypto; it was giving to me error:


I did install the Paramiko but still I was getting errors. I started to search at Eucalyptus forums but I couldn’t find any thing useful. I did try an other way by cloning the EuTester to the home folder after I did install python-paramiko when I did try to run the command “python setup.py build” I did get this kind of error:

[eduart@eduart]$ python setup.py build

python: can’t open file ‘setup.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory


After I did try many times to fix this problem, I did research on Internet to figure out what was the issue. From my research I came to conclusion that I had package dependency problems. While I was doing the research I had the chance to find the blog writing from ‘viglesiasceread’ at our class wiki. At this blog I did find information that where very helpful to me. Following all the instructions in blog helped me to install EuTester very easy and smoothly. Now the only thing is left to do it is to run for the test the EuTester.

From all of this I did learn a lot. One of things I did learn is that first to solve e problem while I am installing software I should look for the software dependency. I did learn that if I work hard by doing research and testing eventually I will find the way to solve the problems not mater how hard and complicate they can be.

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