Week 14: Last week of the class

This is the last blog for the class CS 401.  This semester has being a good one because of what I have done and of what I have learned.  I have learned a lot from research about FOSS Field Trip 1 and FOSS Field Trip 2. I was not familiar with Open Source projects but in this class I did learn almost everything about Open Source Projects. I did learn what are the benefits of working in Open Source Projects which some of the benefits are getting experience, getting reference, the ownership of the my work. Also, I did learn about the tools that are used to work on Open Source Projects. Some of the tools I did learn are Chatzilla, which it is used between the developers to give or get help from around the world. Other great tool for Open Source Project is Git, which it helps the developers to check the latest version of the software they are working.  Also I did learn a lot from the work I did with my group or individually on a big project as Eucalyptus. I did a lot of research and reading the documentation. Also I did try to install the software in my OS. After I did work with my group on EuTester bug tracker. It was a lot of work because in order run EuTesrter we were supposed to install it. But in this part my group mates and me spend so much time to installed. Finally we did install it but not time has left to test it. From this work I did learn a lot, I did learn how to solve installation a problem, and to be more patient   with this kind of issues. I did try little bit contribute on documenting the code which it was challenging to me because I do not know the python language. All this experience made me feel very well and active. This class made me to feel more comfortable when I start the new job.

I am living this class very enthusiastic view. I am thinking to find a other Open Source Project and to be their contributor. I like to contribute because of many thinks, as I like to contribute in our society. I like to get more experience on software development.

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