Week 2: Great experience with IRC channels and with Wiki

On second week we did something very interesting. It was like exercise for all the class how to do the Wiki page of one our class mate. I did the Wiki page for my classmate Daniel Njoroge, and Daniel did my Wiki page. It was fun working on this small project. Before we started to work on ours friend Wiki page we did installed the Chatzilla on Firefox. The project was setup in two parts first part was installing an IRC client on our computers, and starting to practice how to communicate with our class at same time thru the IRC channel. It was real fun. My nick name is EdCS401. Mostly I did communicate with my group mates about what group nick name could we used for the group WSU CS Department Blog. After group communication the name was decided. The second part it was how to setup somebody’s Wiki page which I did mentioned above. Looks like in this class I will have great professional experience.

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